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Any Mac Users Get Panther?


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I've installed it and am loving it! Expose is fun and valuable. Video conferencing with iChat AV is priceless (the beta expires in January and will be $30 if purchased a la carte). The fact that I can see and hear my family who are several states away for free - at 20 frames per second no less - is honestly an emotional experience. I've tested out Fast-User switching, and again, it's not only an effective feature, but it's also fun and cool.


I haven't noticed much of a speed increase, but oddly enough Panther has made a visible difference in graphics on my 17" Apple LCD. I really don't know why, but there you have it. Everything looks better.


Do you have any specific questions you were looking to have answered? Oh, and if you can get it with the Education discount, go for it. $70!



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I've been running various betas for a while, not as my main system, but just to check it out. It's a very nice release, very quick, light on it's feet.


I have the final release now (free for G5 owners) and am a total convert.


So far all of my software runs, including audio stuff that can be finicky.


Expos? is going to save me so much hassle, it's addictive to use and is just one of those "duh, of course!" kind of things. I've mapped Expos?'s various modes to my extra mouse buttons (which I had never found a good use for until now) and it's so nice. One button reveals all open windows, another reveals all windows in the current application, and another slides all windows out of the way to reveal the desktop.


If you've never seen how Expos? works, check out this (10MB) quicktime movie of it in action, note the iTunes visualizer and DVD playing while he's putting it through it's paces:




I definitely notice speed increases (and I did on my G4 running Panther betas), applications launch faster, UI interaction is faster (meaning save sheets descend faster, menus with lots of entries drop instantly, directories list faster, etc)


Panther has QuicKeys functionality built-in, you can map any key or combo to any function in any application (per application). I haven't tried this yet, though.


It has a new kind of dock on the left side of Finder windows, you can put files or folder into it for quick access, or turn it off if you don't want it.


Labels are back! Although it only colorizes the name not the icon, it's better than nothing.


Mail.app has seen a significant upgrade. Enough to make me switch to it. I tried to switch when Jaguar came out, but once I imported 20,000 emails from my email database (I belong to several email lists), it bogged down and became irritatingly slow. But in the new version, I've thrown all my email into it (~45,000 messages) and it's still quick. It's configured to recognize Spam Assassin headers automatically, a nice touch. So between Mail's built-in Spam filters and Spam Assassin, 95% of my Spam is gone before I see it.


Visually they have moved away from white UI widgets toward gray, which is very welcome as white gets to be too bright over hours of usage. Pin stripes have been toned down a lot (also welcome). Menus have dividers now, finally.


There's more to tell, but I have to get to work. All in all, I'm extremely happy with it. Expos? alone is worth upgrade for (if you work with a lot of documents/windows at once!).

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Originally posted by stencil@Oct 30 2003, 10:16 AM

Just got it. Should I do a full install or...? I currently run 10.2.8

I would do an "Archive and Install" which will put your old system into a folder, install an all new system, but maintain all of your preferences, account names, passwords, etc.


You will need to reinstall any haxies or 3rd party customizations, but it's safer than simply upgrading.


FWIW I did a straight upgrade (I did this because my audio software needs to be authorized and the method I mentioned above removes that, which makes it a pain), and it went fine.

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I did a straight upgrade with no problems, and a clean install with no problems. I guess that means I'm not much help.


It's always claimed that a clean install will yield the best results, but that involves the headache of backing everything up and then reinstalling it.


I do suggest customizing your install; unless you need localization for a dozen different languages and printer drivers for every company out there.


Back to your original question, since I replied I've noticed and agree with what Ed said here:

UI interaction is faster (meaning save sheets descend faster, menus with lots of entries drop instantly, directories list faster, etc)

And not just a little speed increase, saving files is super quick and I just fly though menus now. Enjoy,



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Originally posted by Nightwing@Nov 1 2003, 04:15 AM

My iMac is too slow to handle Panther.

I'll be sure to get it with my next Apple purchase,though.

If it's not a first or second-gen iMac, and you're running OSX already, you will probably see a speedup. Otherwise, it's probably not worth the money until you have newer hardware as you said.


RAM is absolutely critical too, at this point, I wouldn't run with anything less than 1GB.

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