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PS2 setup options


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Has anyone messed with these settings? I remember when I first got my PS2 I fiddled with the Smooth textures, but I never noticed a difference, so I left it on Standard. Do they make a visible difference?


And what about disc speed? Why wouldn't you set it on fast? Is there a drawback?

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I believe those settings just effect playing PS1 games. On some games the smooth textures improves the look of 3D games greatly (particularly things like Crash Team Racing) but it causes other games to lock up. I've never noticed a big difference with the drive speed settings though...

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Its stupidly not under configuration - the options you want are hidden in the version info you get by pressing triangle.


They do actually make a bit of difference to PS1 games, as the smoothing also makes it do perspective correction on textures, so they don't warp and ping any more.


Don't expect anything as drastic as what you get with Bleemcast however.

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