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I'm really looking forward to this project. From what it shows there, we're going to be looking at the beta in the very near future.


I'm all for using Live to chat while we get some games of MK going. Of course, they're not supporting multiple(more than 2) GC's in the first release. That's coming later, from what I hear.



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Originally posted by gwhinwi@Nov 28 2003, 05:27 PM

Warppipe is up and running.


Damn. I need to get a LAN cable to my GC now.



Thanks for the note Glen!


I've downloaded and installed warp pipe, but I'm about to head out. I won't get around to testing this out until sometime on Sunday, so if anyone is interested in trying this out with me then, please let me know.


This would be with Mario Kart only. I dont have Kirby's Air Ride.

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I still havent tried it yet, and now that I have only dial-up where I live, the only way I'll be testing it is by taking my cube to another location.


I think there are going to be a few LCVG members trying this out pretty soon, especially since CaptDS9E has a Cube. :) Actually, I think he, Glen, and some others are planning this soon.

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