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Search engine keyword too short


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Dear Kind Sirs,

- I have been frequenting your lovely web gaming site for quite sometime and I would have to say it is quite smashing indeed. Being such an avid supporter I was hoping I might get a resonse to a technical inqury I am posing. Here goes,...


-I wanted to search for all posts with 'SSX' in the title, but I got an error message stating that the word was less than 4 characters long. I know there must be a logical reason for this, but it was still kinda frustrating. I could search for a longer title, but as the nature of these discussions we tend to abbreviate words and titles excessively, thus my desire to search for just SSX. I guess I don't really have a question so much as I was hoping to just prompt a response on this topic.

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While we're talking about searching. I've found that when you search for something that isn't found, above the area where it says nothing was found, it gives an error message:


Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


Which seems misleading

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