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Excellent $399 Dell laptop


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We just got my wife a Vostro 1500 (C2D, 1440x900 screenm, 8400GS, Vista basic) and she's pretty happy with it so far. Our old $378 Walmart HP black friday laptop saw a bit too much exposure to the toddler-hazard.


BTW, XP version, same price, if anyone doesn't want Vista:




I don't see any reason not to get Vista on a laptop though.


Edit: The fatwallet discussion brings up a few good points. You might get some more battery life by spending the extra bucks on the Turion (TL) chip. And be sure to select the cheaper shipping option.

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My wife needs a new laptop. This deal may be too tempting to pass up but she'd have to make sacrifices which I'd rather not make. Looking at the options I want(2 gig ram, Turion chipset, N card etc), the gateway at BB is looking quite good.


I looked at the Vostro 1500 as well. Again I found the Gateway a better deal.


Still this is a great deal.

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What resolution can it output? If it did 1920x1080 I'd do a double take.


That shouldn't be a problem, that's pretty much dictated by the video card hardware/drivers which for ages all generally go to 2048x1536. You should be able to output pretty much any rez out of the VGA output.


Found it on the ATI site:

Supports resolution up to 2536x2536@32bpp





We picked up her the Vostro 1500 for $604 shipped with a coupon. So that was a good deal for us. She mainly uses it for grad school to write papers and hit the internet, and maybe play the Sims 2 on it, so she doesn't have a lot of requirements.


I'm really surprised how good the budget laptops are becoming. It used to be some big sacrifices were needed, but now you can get a pretty good dual-core machine, 5400RPM drive, etc for pretty cheap.

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