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Laptop, HD DVD player, HD DVDs, DVDs FS/FT


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Acer Aspire 5570 laptop - $400 shipped with insurance included.


A little over 3 months old. Only used on weekends at work. Stored in this and placed on this since day 1. Never subject to anything harmful. Almost mint condition (pencil tip sized dot on right touchpad button, very minor inch long scratch on the bottom, 2 lines 1/3 mm long on top). Includes original box and manuals, and receipt for the warranty. Selling it because I got a new job where I can't use laptop. Will sell the notebook sleeve and cooler for $40 shipped seperately (might ship in same box).


Almost the same thing (80gb hard drive and different SKU, UPC, part, model number) as this More details here


Xbox 360 HD DVD player (new, no UPC) - $130 shipped



HD DVD's (all new, buy all for $260 shipped!)


2 Fast 2 Furious - $17

Blazing Saddles - $15

Chronicles of Riddick (hole on UPC) - $14

Heroes season 1 - $49

Seabiscuit (slash on UPC) - $14

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - $15

The Fast and the Furious - $17

The Sopranos season 6 part 1 - $59

Ultimate Matrix Collection - $59

We Were Soldiers - $15




Angel season 2 (slimpack) new - $18

Angel season 3 (slimpack)

Angel season 5 (slimpack)

Chappelle's Show season 1 - $7

CSI season 3 (no yellow tape) - $20

Friends seasons 1-10 (season 2 and 3 are new) - $125 shipped

The Shield season 1 - $15


2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit - $3

50 First Dates - $4

8 1/2 (Criterion Collection)

Deja Vu (very good condition) - $7

Field of Dreams Walmart exclusive bonus disc - $3

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2 disc Special Edition) - $7

Knocked Up (2 disc Unrated, has very funny stuff not on the HD DVD) new - $15

Live Free or Die Hard (2 disc Unrated) new with movie ticket to see Hitman - $17

Living In Oblivion - $7

Maxim's Girl Next Door (rare Best Buy exclusive) new - $7

Mystic River (3 disc Deluxe Edition) - $7

Raging Bull (2 disc Special Edition) new - $13

Shanghai Grand (Hong Kong region 0) - $3

The Silence of the Lambs (2 disc Collector's Edition) new - $13

Transformers (2 disc SE) new - $16

Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines new - $31

Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2 new - $31

Walt Disney Treasures: Tomorrowland new - $28

- buy all 3 dent free tins for $85!


Some deal's


1. Buy the laptop or gift card along with wallet, boots, Friends, HD DVD player, 3 Disney tins, or 2 HD DVD sets and save $25!

2. Buy any 2 $1XX items and save $10!

3. Buy any HD DVD set and any DVD over $10 and save $5!

4. Buy all $7 DVD's for $40 shipped!

5. Buy all $3 DVD's for $10 shipped!

6. Buy all HD DVD's for $260 shipped!



I have lots of feedback elsewhere. DVD's are near mint or mint and region 1 unless noted. Almost all are widescreen. I accept Paypal (we split the fees if under $100), USPS money order, or well concealed cash (just buy a money order for like $1 instead). US shipping is $3-$4 (take off $1 if you prefer a bubble envelope instead of a cardboard box which you can reuse). Most orders will be $3. Local pickup in Boston will be cheaper. I will ship to Canada. I only ship on Monday and Thursday unless I know someone going by post office other days. Pay by 8pm EST for same day shipping.


I do trades. Full want list added later.

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