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PlayStation Store Open For Business on the PSP!


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Apparently it's a soft launch & content's still going up/down etc. There's a new multiplayer only Syphon Filter game ($10) & the full Wipeout Pure ($15). Apparently Gangs of London is up to buy on the UK store.


No new shocks in the PS1 store sadly, same stale selection as the PS3 store. Such great potential wasted so far.

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MTV's Multiplayer game blog posts a big interview about the PSP online store. 3500 words long, which is big for this industry ;)


In the next few weeks we are releasing two more titles to round out some of the earlier hits, which would be “SOCOM Fire Team Bravo” and “Twisted Metal: Head-On.”


About why there's so few PSOne games available for the PS3/PSP:


We’re actively looking at a lot of titles. We have a giant list internally that we track that we try to convert to classic titles. We run into some challenges with the testing process. Some of the titles just won’t work properly. But in addition to that there are some legal issues we run into behind the scenes that prevent some of these titles from being released because some of the agreements point in the direction of being released on certain platform and nowhere else or there are music licensing issues. .. But we are working to really ramp up and expand the number of titles we have on both stores.
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