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Things to Import From Japan?


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So I have some friends living in Japan who are coming back to Canada for Christmas, and they're currently accepting requests for any Japanese goods I want brought over...


Any suggestions on things I might as them to bring?

360, Wii or DS games/accessories?

Non-game items?

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Video game related plush toys.


Plushies!! :D


I've got one of these sitting on top of my PC monitor from Wizzywig's anime store in Ann Arbor:




and one of these:



But DQ stuff is so massively popular in Japan it's not impossible to find here. I can imagine some other video gaming stuff that's harder to find.


I'd love some stuff from some anime shows that weren't as popular here in the U.S. I hope to go there some day.

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Greenmonkey - last time I was up in Ann Arbor, Wizzywigs was closed. Do you know if they went out of business or just relocated? I always enjoyed going through there :)


We noticed that too. We always went there and to the indie movie theaters, the Dawn Treader used bookstore, and TK Wu's Chinese (recommended, mmmm). I did some digging, their website says they moved across town. I guess maybe the downtown rent was hurting.

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Hmmm... if there was one thing I could import that I miss, it would have to be food. There are a lot of packaged goods that will make it across. Ask them to look for Okinawan Soba, okinamiyaki sauce, and Kewpie mayonnaise (which can be found here, but at escalated prices).

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