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Deus Ex 3 - Announced and a teaser to boot!

Romier S

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I wonder if the recent success and critical acclaim of Bioshock have anything to do with this game seeing the light of day. Or did Deus Ex 2 sell enough to justify a sequal? I don't think I ever actually played Deus Ex 2 except for the demo on the Xbox. It seemed ok but not as good as the first.

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Ahh. I just figured since the teaser trailer shows absolutely nothing in terms of the game that development started pretty recently. I was also thinking it could have been one of those projects that might get canned had Bioshock shown there is no market for that type of game (FPS/RPG/single player only). Either way I'm thrilled about Bioshocks success and hope Deus Ex 3 is of similar quality being that it is a similar style game coming from some of the minds that started this whole genre (ie: Warren Spector). Is Spector still involved with the Deus Ex series or games in general?

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