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FS: PS2/GC/Xbox and cheap -Saturn games


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Hey folks


I've got some more games I'm clearing out here. Figured I'd see if anyone was interested here before they go to ebay.




Katamari Damacy - mint, complete - $8 - SOLD

Shadow Hearts Covenant - sealed- $25 - SOLD

Karaoke Revolution volume 3(apparently this is rare now?? Probably going to ebay) $40 - SOLD


Gamecube - all complete:

Metroid Prime (first one) - Kmart not-for-resale logo on it (was packaged with a wavebird) - sealed - $5

Zelda: Windwaker - $9

Zelda Collector's Edition (4-games - Zelda 1&2, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask) - $30

Warioware (first one) $6


Xbox (complete):

Halo 1 (Combat Evolved) - $5 - SOLD, going to wherehouse.com for $4 -

Sega GT/JSRF combo - $2


Saturn game pack:

Make me an offer for all of 'em.


Die Hard Arcade - complete, big case -(disc is rough, plays, music skips once in a while)

Shanghai Triple Threat - complete, big case - (pretty good Shanghai card game)

Virtua Fighter Remix - complete - jewel case edition -

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei - disc only, rough, but plays just fine

Virtual On -Disc, case (jewel-case size). I think I have the big-style manual around here somewhere for it.


Oh yeah:


GBA: Golden Sun: The Lost Age. $12 complete. - SOLD


We can work out some super cheap shipping somehow if you want anything. Probably starting at $3 or so.

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