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How to get PS3 remote to work?


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I bought the PS3 remote from SonyStyle.com which is Sony's site. The remote is made by Sony. It comes in one of those hard plastic casings that would allow it to hang on a wall in a store. When you open it up it is just the remote and the paper backing which has a bunch of warnings in different languages but no instructions and definitely no manual. I think this is the official Sony remote. Perhaps it has been repackaged since you bought it and they skimped.


Anyway, it works! Thanks for the help. Am excited not to use the PS3 game controller. My wife was screaming at me everytime she wanted to fast forward.

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Thanks Dan! I saved it to my computer and will look at it before Christmas morning. I am also happy Dogbert posted the fix for Ratchet & Clank. Christmas would have been lots of fun if I could not get one of the two PS3 games I own to work, and following that, not getting my PS3 remote to work while watching Ratatouille on Blue-ray.

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