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12/1 Saturday night anything

Jeff W

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Not sure if it's Live or just CoD4 but it's really hard getting into a match, for every 10 I try 9 simply crap out, it's not just me either as everyones complaining. Game seems to go into the "making sides even" mode and hangs there until eventually closing the lobby down. Never was once able to keep a room going for more than one match as well, if you manage to get into a game once the next try always boots you.

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I don't know, it's a book cover. I took it for my avatar with you in mind :tu

Just joking around of course :D


EDIT: Here ya go if ya want some more info, gotta love google: http://www.willferguson.ca/books/whyihate.html


DOUBLE EDIT: Changed it for ya.


Leading the north is right! :)


Just wait until our Dollar really takes off and then we'll see the north true strong and really free! :P


(joking of course)


Oh yeah...you should be nice to me...My country is going to be paying your salary soon bug! :lol (joking)


The New American Greenback:


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