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LOST Season 4 Discussion: Theories and SPOILERS

Rob B

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Ok the new season is around the corner and I thought I would get things started with a new discussion panel.


This time I thought we could post some theories and all that to in anticipation of the show..... less the writers strike mucking things up for our castaways.


Ok the title of the first ep of the season is apparently called..............



"The Beginning of the end" which is a nice touch since it echo's what Ben had said to Jack at the end of last season.


And some minor plot stuff for season for... this from wikipedai not me....


It has been hinted that there is no boat coming to the island; however, whoever is coming to the island is "a lot worse" than the Others.


What happened between Ben and the real Henry Gale and how Ben was caught in Rousseau's trap on the survivors' fifty-eighth day will be explained.



The four-toed statue will be addressed.


Whether or not Kate is pregnant with a baby from Sawyer will be revealed in the first four episodes.


What happened in the Hatch during its implosion will be explored.


The fate of Sun and her unborn child will be made clear.


How Libby wound up in the mental institution will be shown.


What happened to Ben's childhood friend Annie will be revealed. I still say it's Russo


More will be seen of the authoritative Other Jacob.


Ben, Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Bernard and Desmond will go to Flight 815's cockpit.


Episodes will continue to feature flashbacks, in addition to flashforwards


This season is apparently scarier and more violent than previous seasons.


There will be more deaths, some of which take place in flashforwards.




So thats looking to some great stuff.


There are also minisodies out there you can catch along with a new darama video called the orchid.





definitely leans towards the whole "worm hole" and time travel space time countinum theories out there.



so any who I gotta find where I jotted down some of my theories and also retrace my steps online were I found some good possibilities and post em.



Please discuss

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I just finished up season 3 on DVD yesterday, and from episode 7 on, it was as good or better than season 1.


I can't stop thinking about who was in the casket in the flash-forward though? No one went to the wake, and Kate didn't want to go to the funeral? I assume it's someone from the island... who ended up doing something really bad? My first thought was Ben, since other than Locke, Jack was the only person to really be around him for a while.


I also found it pretty funny that they gave the survivors 'gold cards' to fly anywhere for free. I'm not sure if that's standard practice or not, but most people who live through a plane crash would never fly again.

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