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Any GC Bundle Bargains Out There?


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Hmm, I seem to remember a short while back that Wal Mart had a Gamecube/Gameboy Player combo selling for $99. Don't know if that's over, but I would guess that it is.


I would suggest waiting for the Gamecube with the Zelda bundle, if I were you. It should be out any time (I hope!). Unless of course, you don't like Zelda. :shock:

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That would be my guess. Maybe sooner, I'm hoping. But I don't think anyone knows yet, or I haven't heard anything, at least. From www.allrpg.com:


"It appears that Nintendo will release a GameCube/Zelda bundle pack at the end of the year in America. The bundle will include a GameCube with a special Zelda disc containing:


- Legend of Zelda

- Zelda II : The Adventure of Link

- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

- Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask

- Zelda Documentary


Nothing else is known at the moment, including whether the disc will be reworked like Master Quest or if the disc will be available to buy alone, without a GameCube."

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Originally posted by dogbert@Oct 29 2003, 07:52 AM

Any good deals on the GameCube + games/GameBoy Player now that the hardware's dropped to $99?

If you've got a Sam's Warehouse around you, and you are a member (or know someone who is), check their bundles. They usually make their own bundles that will include a game or two and save you some money.



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