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Orange Box is NOT a game


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There have been some interesting comments, many in the context of "Game of the Year", about whether Orange Box should be reviewed as one game. I've had some revelations about this lately.


First, Orange Box is certainly not a game. It is a collection of games. Just like the Midway collection is not a game. Orange Box is a product. Of course there is usually a 1:1 ratio between product and game. Just not in this case.


So Portal should be judged on its own merits and not with Orange Box for GOTY lists. But more interestingly this made me think about Halo 3 and games that have campaign and PvP Multiplayer. I mean, sure Halo 3 is one product, but Campaign and Multiplayer are two different games.


Shouldn't Shadowrun be compared directly to Halo 3 Multiplayer as a game. Shouldn't games be reviewed and compared based on games and products separately. That way price and value can be discussed separately from the game.


I think this approach would solve a lot of problems. Would make evaluations of games much clearer and more easily compared.


Anyway, for me I just wanted to give my perspective on the distinction between product and game, because I bet most people don't think about it that way. We're always giving our opinions about these things, and sometimes we're talking about product and sometimes we're talking about games. I think distinguishing between the two will provide us with clearer vocabulary for these discussions.

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What a fantastic load of nitpicking :)


I understand where you're coming from, Keith, however should we start tagging our posts when discussing products that contain multiple games or multiplayer + single player about which particular aspect of the product we're talking about? To say price and value can be discussed separately from the game is wrong - content + price + value are all parts of the equation of a worth of a product.

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Indeed, but I seriously think that a lot of chatter about Halo 3 rules/sucks, Shadowrun rules/sucks, Metroid Prime has no multiplayer bullshit, Bioshock has no multiplayer bullshit, Orange Box is the best game ever... all of that stems from a fundamental disconnect between product and game and how we compare apples to oranges because of how we approach the whole discussion in this way.


I think just a shift in perspective would add clarity to discussions.

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