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DS Bundles


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Figured I would start a thread for the various DS bundles that arrive here in the States.


So far we have the Brain Age 2 bundle with the rather cool Crimson/Black DS and now we have the Zelda and NintenDogs Special Edition bundles.


So, I got the Brain Age 2 bundle when it arrived and that was my 4th DS. Well, the 5th DS is now arrived. Got the Zelda DS bundle and the Gold DS is so sweet. It isn't gaudly looking at all like most things that are gold are. It looks very slick. Zelda speaks for itslef. I am having more fun with Phantom Hourglass than I did with Twilight Princess simply because the gameplay feels new to me. Plus, I am one of the few who think the Wind Waker is still the best looking Zelda game.



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I'm considering buying the Brain Age DS for my wife, but buying the one videogame system that I still don't have (that I want) for the one person in my house who plays the least amount of videogames (read: none) seems awfully transparent.


Honestly, though, she would love Brian Age. I wish I had a DS for myself so my motives could not be called into question by giving one to her. Decisions...

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Man, I want that gold DS pretty badly. I'm dying to see how my gold stylus would look in it :) But I already pretty much have two DS Lites, since the one for mom was a bit of a failure (a little Brain Age, a little Tetris, LOTS of dust). No excuse for me to buy another :(

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The bundles are limited. The Brain Age bundle is down to what's left in stores. The pink & gold bundles will begin to dwindle away after Christmas.


Are the bundles limited time deals? I'd like to get the Crimson/Black Brain Age bundle, but can't seem to find it anywhere.


Do you have a Game Crazy near you? If so, PM me and I can try to get you one.

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