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Anyone had experience buying digital picture frames?


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I've seen these around for a while now, and I was thinking about picking one up as a Christmas gift. I actually bought and returned one at bestbuy last night, and the problem was that any of the images I put on there looked like garbage. I tried an 8" frame that claimed 800x600 resolution, and the sample images that were on there looked OK, so I copied some pictures from my library over. I tried a couple of different ways-directly at native resolution (I think my test images were 1500x1000), and by having picasa export and resize to 800x600. The problem is that when I viewed these on the frame, both versions just looked craptacular. Detail was blurry, edges were blocky, and it just looked like a badly compressed digital image. The thing is, the same image looked fine at the native resolution on my PC, so I have no idea what the hell was going on. Could it have been something to do with the way I exported stuff? There are a couple of frames that BestBuy sells that are 15" 1024x768, but those are, understandably, more expensive. I wonder if those will have the same problems as the smaller ones though?


Anyone have any buying tips for these? What about WiFi-enabled frames that can pull from a web feed? Ideally, I'd like to be able to sync one to a picasa web feed.

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I get the feeling the LCD panels that get thrown out on the laptop line end up being reconstituted as photo frames. Even the expensive ones look like crap, in my experience. I guess they can be OK for displaying point-and-shoot pics and small portraits but I wouldn't put "art" in them.


The wifi features were the big selling point for me but I decided to give this market a few years.

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I bought my mom one for Mother's Day in May and she loves it. I believe the one I got her is a Kodak. Be very wary of the non-name brands. I looked at some of the cheaper frames and I could easily tell the more expensive Kodak was of better quality.


That being said chances are the person you're giving it to won't be as picky about image quality as we are. My mom would have been just as happy with a cheaper frame but it would have driven me nuts :).

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we got our parents kodak frames with wifi. we also received a bestbuy brand insignia photoframe as a wedding present.

in both cases it was well worth the time to export the photos at native resolution, as they displayed with a lot more clarity.


Honestly i'm not sure the kodak is any better than the insignia's were. Not worth the cost difference at least, but if I were buying one for myself I would still probably end up with a brand name one just because i've heard too many horror stories.


the kodak wifi required wmp shared files, which was way too confusing for my parents but they're familiar with how to transfer images from memory cards due to digital cameras and I think they do that semi-regularly.

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