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Wait for 45 Nanometer Core 2 Duo?


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In first quarter 2008 the 45 nanometer Core 2 Duos come out. The cooler less power hungry processor sounds appealing to me. But will it cost more or less. Right now I'm looking at a Duo for about $200. Will the existing processor prices go down when these are released? Will the 45s be low priced or high priced? I thought smaller dye lowered costs for them?


Anyway, I just want to have the right expectations. If they release these processors and they're 50% more expensive then I'm not interested at all. I want to build a cool low power PC but not at ridiculous prices.


On a related note. Are there any Nvidia motherboards that have graphics and sound built in that support the Core 2 Duo processors AND have good enough 2D performance to run windows in a snappy way at 1920x1080?


Edit: What I'm getting at is that I don't need an awesome sound or graphics card. I just want to be able run AERO and render 2D at HDTV resolutions. I don't care about 3D gaming. So if I can save money by going integrated, as well as saving power and heat in the process, that would be ideal. Ideas?

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Well I'm also hoping for low power usage too as I'm thinking of making this an always on media server.


Oh, well, leaving it on, I can see squeaking all you can on the power saving, provided you're going to have the box for a few years to see the power $ savings. This sounds like a good read for you.




It's about building a power efficient computer, and discusses saving power while active and/or idle. Page 9 has a good summary of what they found. Sounds like Athlon X2s are best for idling, and C2Ds for using less power when maxed out.


Be sure to focus then on a highly efficient PSU as well :D I'm curious to see how it works out.

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