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CC Clearance 12/7

Anthony G

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Credit to Donnums at CAG for the list:


OKAMI PS2 $16.96 <--- Go get this NOW! I love this game!

Naruto(Ultimate Ninja, I think) $16.96

Lunar Knights DS $16.96

Final Fantasy V GBA $16.96

Ninety Nine Nights 360 $16.96

Bullet Witch 360 $16.96

Fifa 07 360 $16.96

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II 360 $16.96

Star Trek: Legacy 360 $16.96

Tiger Woods 07 360 $16.96

Tomb Raider: Legend 360 $16.96

Project Sylpheed 360 $16.96

Trauma Center DS $16.96

Children of Mana $16.96

Custom Robo Arena DS $16.96

Elite Beat Agents DS $16.96

Metal Slug Anthology Wii $16.96

Elebits Wii $16.96

Splinter Cell Double Agent Wii $16.96

Xbox Live Arcade 360 $16.96(the disc that had like 6 arcade games on it)

Full Auto 2: Battlelines PS3 $16.96

Mobile Suit Gundam PS3 $16.96

Def Jam: Icon PS3 $16.96

Chili Con Carnage PSP $16.96

Parappa The Rapper PSP $16.96

Gang of London PSP $16.96


I stopped at CC on the way home from work last night and they had all the 360 games listed above. I picked up BFMEII and Project Sylpheed.

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