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TNA Impact (PS3, X360, Wii) / Fire Pro (PS2)

Romier S

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Another new trailer from the VGA's. I'm pretty much not terribly high on pro wrestling anymore and the Smackdown vs. Raw series has left me bored for the past few iterations. My current flavor is Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on the PS2 which is a brilliant little wrestler for $14.99. I've never once watched TNA but the game looks to be coming along pretty decently. The animation quality in the video is solid and I'm hoping there's a good Create-A-Wrestler to go along with a solid fighting engine.



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Fireproclub.com has a crap-load of saves. Since I play to mess around with the old-school '80s WWF roster, I've been mostly grabbing saves that concentrate on that era. Although, now that I have a better idea of what I'm doing, I've been pretty heavily editing the edits I've been grabbing - mostly tweaking or reworking the logic - and making a few of my own (Big John Studd, S.D. Jones, Iron Mike Sharpe, etc.).

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