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Beats - rhythm action from your own music


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I mentioned this title in the PSP Store thread, but thought it deserved its own thread after I got to play it today. Developed by Sony London, it's yet another 'rhythm action' game where you press the buttons in time with the icons on-screen. "Yay!". The selling point of Beats is that instead of relying on predetermined patterns, it auto-generates patterns to your own music, in this case the MP3s on your memory stick. It works pretty well in practice.


Here's a video of its theme selection, a video of it actually in play and a review from IGN.


The "twist" to the gameplay is that in addition to pressing the correct face icon at the right time, you have to press left, right or no direction depending on whether the icon is crossing one of three circles. Combine this with the "overdrive mode", and you get a lot of symbols whizzing around to time the buttons to. I likes. It's no Guitar Hero, but it's not pretending to be - it's a way of interacting with your music, having some fun. I'll be buying it.


$5 on the PSP store.

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