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Wii Owners - I-Con Wii Sports 6-In-1 Kit


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Found this on Razzle.ca:

I-Con Wii Sports 6-In-1 Kit


We?ve got something fun for you today. It?s not life changing or anything but for those of you lucky enough to have a Wii (like me!) this is a fun accessory pack.


If you?re playing Wii Sports you no longer have to pretend it?s a baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club now you can use these accessories and swing more realistic versions of them instead! It?s also got a steering wheel add-on which you can use for some of the Wii?s driving games.


It?s also got a protective shield you can use to protect your wiimote?s and whatever pricey electronics might be in their way if you accidentally throw them.


Don?t have a Wii of your own? That?s alright, do you have any young relatives that do have one? This would make a great christmas gift.


$12.90 + $5.00 Shipping



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