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Recommended Games and/or Accessories for DS?


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I'm going to get a DS, and it will be my first handheld gaming device in a LONG time (my last one was an Atari Lynx...lol). I'm planning on getting Brain Age 2 and the new Zelda game.


What other games and/or accessories would you recommend? I haven't followed the DS much (or at all), and am a little overwhelmed at the number of games out there. I'm a big fan of puzzle/strategy games, which seem to be a good fit for the DS. I plan on playing the DS at work during lunch when it's too cold/rainy/snowy to go outside and a little bit at home.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, New Super Mario Bros doesn't fall into the puzzle/strategy bin, but it's fantastic, so you should check it out. Picross is also a great puzzle game for 20 bucks. I'd also check out Advance Wars DS, which is a great turn based strategy game.


Elite Beat agents is also a lot of fun if you want something that's a silly rhythm game :)

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Picross DS is amazing. $20, a huge number of great puzzles built-in, daily challenge modes, and a surprisingly steady stream of free downloadable content.


Clubhouse Games is another good single-cart multiplayer game, and is enjoyable in single player as well. There's also Tetris DS of course.


I'll also second Elite Beat Agents as a fantastic non-puzzler.

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I'm having trouble finding Advance Wars. Is this out of print?


Bad news, good news.


Bad news: Good luck finding a copy of Advance Wars DS.


Good news: A sequel is inbound.


Two other turn-based games:


1. Age of Empires. It can be fun (I like the research aspect), but its screen is cluttered and the AI relies on cheating as opposed to cunning (like Advance Wars). Still, I picked it up for, like, ten bucks.


2. Panzer Tactics DS. I haven't played this or read a review anywhere, but I've been dying for an old-fashioned WWII table-top-style wargame. Check it out and let me know your thoughts if you like TBS or WWII tabletop games.


There's a urn-based 40k game coming out soon, too.

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