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Skies of Arcadia Ooh and Ahhh thread

Mark E

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Wow. This game should be subtitled "time-sucking leech". It's the best case of game lock I've had in a long, long time. The first console RPG I've taken a stab at since FF9 too (Technically I played 10, but was more in the mind to stab myself instead of it by the end its rental :P).


This game's got a few problems, unfortunately, but thankfully they mostly resolve around the amount of time it takes to climb ladders ;). And it's fun! I can see why people love this game so much, it's just good old-fashioned high adventure.


The battle system is spot on, not too difficult, not too hard to manage. The six colors you can change between is implimented perfectly, and the way you cast spells is rather novel. The game moves fast, and it doesn't bog down with random encounters (save the part I just went through ;)).


Shaping up to be the best console RPG I've played since Final Fantasy VI, which is saying something. Nice to have a challenge again too, some of those wanted fights are insanely difficult and I've had my crew wiped out more than once.


I could gush about this ad nauseum, but I strongly suggest those of you who like console RPGs but haven't played this yet (which might be a few of you, who knows...) to give it a whirl, it's terribly fun.

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I agree completely Mark. One of my favorites for the Dreamcast, though the random battles were a source of frustration at times. Sill the story is wonderful and the battle system is very streamlines and easy to use, not to mention fun!.


I still have not bought the rerelease on the GC as other games have taken up much of my time but I'll more than likey do so soon for the extra character and such.

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Arrrrgh, ok, somebody who's finished this or gotten this damned abirik cham please help me out. Where the devil is the guy who wants fish near Horteka? I'm just circling the place endlessly looking for him but all I can find is a couple of Ixt'Teka ships and the black market dude.


Help help help, help-help (help) :P!


I still love this game, despite this cham situation ;). The Daccat dungeon was probably the best RPG dungeon I've gone through since the Opera sequence in Final Fantasy 6 and Prophecy is one of the best special attacks ever.


Sigh. This game probably won't ever see a sequel while Square churns out more derivative Final Fantasy titles from the shlock mill. It ain't fair I tell ya.

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Last post for me to this thread, I swear ;).


I urge anybody with a Cube who likes RPGs and never played this on the DC to go and give this game a shot. I haven't enjoyed an RPG this much since Chrono Cross. Definitely a lock for my second favorite RPG (nothing will ever top FF4).


Cap off the fast-moving combat with an excellent storyline, memorable characters, perfect special attacks, and an excellent challenge that's difficult without being insanely so. Then, not only does the game have a brilliant climax that features a series of great battles, it's topped off with a nice, lengthy ending that ties together just about every loose end.


Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Though now I gotta find something else to suck up my time...

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Mark did you play the DC version by any chance?


Nope, I haven't unfortunately.


I know the moonfish quest(s) and "extra character" were added, along with a bunch of discoveries. Unfortunately the extra character does not join the crew at any point, which would have been quite nice, though their storyline plays out very nicely.


The moonfish, however, are a different story. They're a fun little extra to hunt in the dungeons and are caught in much the same way as the chams. More importantly, the completion (or, accurately, near-completion) of the quest provides some very nice characterization/fleshing-out of one of the story's principle villains.


Also, apparently Vyse has a new ultimate weapon in the game, although the requirements for it are such that I never managed to see it before finishing.

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GC version has a whack of new discoveries and the whole moonfish thing mentioned above (which takes place over the entire game). If you haven't played the DC version extensively, I'd recommend going with the GC version if you don't mind forking out the cash. There are a couple additional story elements as well (i.e. the extra "character").


I hear they toned down the number of random encounters too, in favor of giving you more experience per fight. I can only think of one area where combat got so heavy as to be ridiculous, so I'll take that at face value.

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