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Xbox 360 VGA connection vs. everything else

Robot Monkey

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I noticed something odd. I normally connect my Xbox to my TV's VGA port (third-party cables; about $15) and it looks great.


Recently, I connected the same 360 to the same TV with the included component cables (yes, set to "HD") and it looked pretty crappy in comparison with the VGA connection. I went back and forth between the two to make sure I wasn't seeing things.


I did some quick browsing on the web and came across an article that said that (at the time at least) VGA is the preferred connection for the 360. No, I can't find that article now. For some reason, I remember this being on xbox.com.


Okay, so:


1. Is this (or was this) true?


2. And, if so, why would that be?

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