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PS3 System Update via USB?


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Anyone successfully use a usb stick to update the firmware on their PS3? I have all the ingrediants for this, but my PS3 doesn't find the file on my usb stick. So are there any 'little details' not listed on the Sony site that would make this not work?


Details: 1G stick, with 'PS3' folder, 'UPDATE' subfolder, containing *.pup file. Tell PS3 to update via storage device, light on stick flashes, PS3 tells me no files found?


Any ideas? USB sticks don't have 'file formats', do they? Like this isn't an issue of a FAT32 vs. NTFS file system, or could it be? Yea, I'm a computer novice when it comes to things like this, and it pisses me off when I follow a manufacturer's instructions and the *hit still doesn't work! Whew...I feel a little better.

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Old thread, but thought I'd refresh with my latest. The latest update worked just fine with my usb stick. Did the exact same thing, just this time the update was found and copied to the harddrive, and the last one was not. Don't know what changed, just know that this one worked fine.

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