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Making and restoring a Backup Image of your OS


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If I install Windows XP on a crappy IDE harddrive, make a backup IMAGE using Norton Ghost, then completely remove that harddrive and throw in a new SATA hardrive, write the Ghost disc image to a partition on the new harddrive, will I have any problems? Can I just tell my BIOS to look at the new harddrive, and specifically the partition I write the image to? Any Windows activation issues? Any issues?


The situation is that I just built my computer, and the harddrive hasn't come yet. I am impatient and want to make sure the computer works. So I'm thinking of doing the above just to make sure everything is working. I don't want to install Windows twice on two different machines if I don't have to.

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I'm pretty sure you should be able to get away with that. Be sure to install any necessary motherboard SATA drivers after you install windows so that when you move to the SATA drive Windows can use it properly.


It might even be easier that way than using the floppy disk drive to get the SATA drivers working during the install process.

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