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The Christmas Take...(advice needed)


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Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!


Here are the games I pulled:


Contra 4

Orange Box

Lego SW Saga (360)



And one more game...sort of. I need some advice. My parent's got me Assassin's Creed from Amazon. One. And they sent one...box. We only got charged for one, but we got 12 copies of AC. I am keeping one, giving one to my brother (who has a 360), and I shared 3 each with my other brother's-in-law. They don't have a 360, so they'll trade them in for Wii games or movies.


So here's the question. All the games are sealed, but unmarked. Who takes sealed games without receipts as trade-in for full value? I know EB/GS won't, but what about CC, BB, Target, or Wal-Mart?


It's a Merry Christmas for the family.




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Nice ethics.

You take advantage of Amazon's mistake (problem #1) and now you want to try to get full credit for them at another store (problem #2).


Then you call this a Merry Christmas? (problem #3)

How about a Merry Grand Theft Christmas?


What an ugly start to Christmas.


I'd give you advice (contact Amazon and make this right) but clearly your greed has won over. I'm offended you even thought it was OK to ask the forum to help you in this pursuit. IMO, you don't deserve to be posting here.

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Well, no matter where you go you're going to be looked at as a thief. Also, to trade in new (still wrapped) games at Game Crazy, and I think anywhere, they have to open the game to ensure that the disc is there and the game is playable. At which point you just get used credit for the game. Ask me how I know? Bought H3:CE, then ended up getting the Costco H3 bundle to replace my launch 360 and ended up with another copy of H3:CE. I would either return the titles to Amazon, or sell them via Craigslist/eBay.

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That's an interesting take with some fairly harsh words, iCamp. I never saw it as unethical. I saw it as felix culpa...a "happy accident". Once I determined my mother had not spent the full price of 12 copies (which I would have happily contacted them to get my mother her money back - pleasantly and politely - even though it was their mistake), the first thing I did was give half the contents to my brothers so they (who do OK, but not as well as my wife and I) could get a game for their new Wii with their kids.


I did not take advantage of anything or anybody. I did not ask for the mistake, nor did I encourage it. It simply happened, and I used it as a way to help my family. So my ethics with amazon are fairly clean. They made a shipping error that benefitted me and did not hurt them.


I can see the issue with taking a game in (sealed and mint) to a store it was not purchased at for a trade-in, but considering I'll probably spend over the trade-in amount by filling out the amount, they'll simply get one product in exchange for another, plus a little business. If they had an issue with that (as some stores do), they would require a receipt. It's their policy, not mine (and one I've seen numerous members here refer to). I am utilizing that policy, with no malice. I am not trading a broken or stolen item for a good one, knowingly. It's not like they won't be able to sell AC.


I have no problem with your concern for my actions, but I do with the words greed and ethics. I give money every month to St. Judes, I donated a good chunk of stuff to Toys for Tots, Share the Warmth, and Feed the Hungry for the Holidays, and I spent a weekend in the summer donating hundreds of dollars worth of items to Goodwill. I also donate blood 4-5 times a year (because my iron gets too low after consecutive visits, and there is a 2 month limit between donations). I am no saint, I wish I did more, but I consider myself fairly principled. I effusively shared this with the board, because I thought it was simple luck. I did not feel I was involving other members in criminal activities or improper behavior.


If what I did was unsavory to the membership, I'll be happy to depart the boards.

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This isn't going to go anywhere pleasant and I've said it in the past - the moderation staff here isn't the ethics police (nor do we plan on playing that role). Everyone's going to have differing perspectives on the the nature of this thread but in the spirit of keeping things civil I'm closing it down and letting it go silently into that good night. If anyone has hard feelings I'd recommend discussing the issue via PM and clearing things up. The folks involved in the thread are good contributing members and reasonable people at the end of the day IMO.

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