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Have a Mac, don't want an iPod. Options?


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I have a Intel iMac, I've had a couple of iPods and for the cost I don't really like what I end up getting. I want to know if there are any decent alternatives out there that can be seen by iTunes, or have a simple drag/drop interface in a Mac. I've tried searching on Google for options but all I end up seeing is the Creative MuVo and the Rio Carbon... and I don't feel like going down to Goodwill to look for those.



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The Meizu is pretty popular these days with the techy crowd that isn't so keen on iPods. They are supposedly pretty good units with a lot of video/audio codec type support.


(here's one on Amazon)




And it apparently is supported on Macs.


This site appears to be a fansite with a lot of info:



I was thinking about getting one for the wife some time this year. But the Zunes have gotten very cheap for us Windows folks.

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