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Panzer Tactics DS

General Zot

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Just a heads up for the strategy buffs, this title is pretty sweet. Got it for Xmas and have sunk a good 10-15 hours into it already, still on the first campaign (of three!)


Basically, this game is Panzer General from the PC updated and ported to the DS. You can use the stylus, but I use the D-pad/buttons exclusively and it's fine. Gameplay is extremely similar to PG, you have a core of 'regular' units that gain exp and can be upgraded throughout the campaign. You have a limit of 20 regulars total, but can mix and match planes/troops/tanks/etc to your preference. Most levels give you extra units to use for that level, usually these are ships, support units, or planes. Missions have objectives that are required to be completed in a set amount of days, but completing them faster earns you more rewards (which you can plow into more troops, upgrades, or commanders.) Commanders are a new addition, they are bought and added to whatever unit on the board you want. They give certain benefits to all the units surrounding them, like attack/defense bonuses or better sight through fog of war.


Really difficult game, the easiest campaign (the Germans) can be quite challenging. I can swing the highest rating on all the missions, but more often than not it is by a razor thin margin. If you are jonesing for some old fashioned PG fun, check this title out. Well worth $30 for what looks to be 50 hr+ of good warfare strategy.

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