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Mixed Group Play Halloween Bash Tonight 10/30


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Hello Everybody. Tonight is gonna be a first for Group Play. Mixed Game night


From 8:30 PM EST to 10 PM EST we are going to have Crimson Skies Night

Then from 10 PM EST and on will have our Rainbow Six Release party



So show up for one or both. Just remember if you want in, please send me a friend invite to CaptDS9E

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Originally posted by Beer Monkey@Oct 30 2003, 08:53 AM

Wow, this is going to require some juggling of my evening schedule. I'm going to try to join in for the Crimson Skies. I'll probably have to play RS3 next week.

I'm going to a Halo LAN party, but should be available after 11:00 CST. I'm not getting RS3, but I do have Crimson Skies.


Hope to see some of you still hanging around late.



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So, Mr. 'Hawk, does this mean you've joined the ranks of the Live-Enabled? Did I miss an announcement somewhere?


Yes sir. I wasnt planning on signing up until next week since i will be gone most of the weekend, but I got RS3 much earlier than I expected. Figured I might as well get a few games in now.


BTW, you have a friend invite waiting for you. :)

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I'll join you in Amped2 - got it today along with TopSpin and Here Comes The Pain.

So, it will be Crimson Skies, then Rainbow Six, then Amped2, then some Topspin if my controller doesn't break! :shock:

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I wanted to point out to everyone who's playin RS3 tonight.


If I put up a server for 16 players, I will only have access to the 4 or 5 16 player maps.


If I put up a server for 12 players, I will have access to the 16 player maps as well as the 12 player maps.


I can easily handle 16 players, so I'll set it up for that unless we get a light turnout, at which point I'll make it a 12 player server.

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Guys sorry for not getting back for Rainbow six, and thanks to chris for hosting once again. Right after Crimson skies someone whose computer i built had a problem so i went over to see what was wrong. i ended up being stuck there a while. Hopefully ill play rainbow six eventually



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