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Skype comes to the PSP

Romier S

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Some pre-CES news from Sony:




Skype, a free internet communications program, is coming to the PSP according to CES news on Sony's website.


No specifics were given, but Sony indicated that PSP gamers would be able to use the VoIP service to "call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances."


It is uncertain how Skype will fit in with previously announced plans for the PSP's "Go! Messenger" service developed in conjunction with BT. Go! Messenger will offer video calls, instant messaging, voice chat and voice messaging.


Last year, Skype announced a collaboration with Logitech to deliver video calls over the Internet. It is possible that a similar service could take advantage of the PSP's USB camera which has been released in Japan and Europe but not yet in the US.


Requests for comment from both SCEA and Skype were not immediately answered.


Sony is expected to reveal more details at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show which takes place next week, January 7-10, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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What are the technical differences that would allow this on the slim model and not the fat ones? I never thought about upgrading because I thought the only difference was that it was a little skinnier and it could output to a TV. But this may get me to reconsider.

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There was an open-source version of a VoIP app running on custom firmware sometime ago and from the CES footage I've seen they are just using a regular headset on the PSP which would work with either unit. So my guess is this is restricted to the newer hardware not for any technical reason but, to prompt more sales of the newer design. Its possible of course that the additional RAM does make the difference but, I find it far more likely that they simply chose to develop it specifically for the new model as opposed to supporting the app on either PSP.


I can't really blame them either because they should be supporting the new hardware with new features and such but, it still kinda sucks because IMO they should have but, never did release alot of the feature additions for the US PSP that other regions got but, I still bought one. And this is a feature I would actually use but, I wouldn't buy a new PSP just to get Skype calls on it. Maybe its not that big a deal - just feels like I'm being punished for supporting Sony early on with the PSP before the new design came out.


Edit: And yes, I know alot of this can be done with free apps on custom firmware and that is how I do it today as mentioned in the first paragraph but, there are enough new features now to *almost* convince me to go back to standard firmware releases. Not quite enough to convince me to buy a second PSP though.

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Just thought I'd post an update on the latest custom firmware... (and I didn't want to resurect too old a thread ;))


So 3.90 M33-2 is the latest CF: The install process is pretty easy, you get all the benefits of release firmware like Skype and Remote Play with the added benefits of custom firmware such as homebrew and plug-ins. So far, Skype is still PSP Slim model only. Oh, and I found the issue I was having with remote play earlier on custom firmware - the older PSP downgrader I had used back at 3.40 OE had corrupted a key that is required for the PS3 to recognize the PSP. There is an application called Chilly Willy that repairs those keys to their original values so, I just ran that and rebooted and was all good to go :)

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