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Online Gaming Schedule - The Return of LCVG - Week of 1/6

Romier S

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Alright the holidays are done. I'm sure many of us are all kinds of single player gamed out and I sure as hell want to get back into a groove with our online schedule. Not to mention there aint a damn thing on TV stopping you. So here it is, posted all nice and early. Clear your schedules, make some plans to be there and for the love of god PLAY YOUR GAMES ONLINE! Here it is:


Monday - 9pm Call of Duty 4

Tuesday -9pm Halo 3

Wednesday - 9pm Team Fortress 2

Thursday - Old School 9pm Rainbow Six Vegas

Friday - 9pm Call of Cuty 4/ 10pm Halo 3


Saturday and Sunday are free for alls. If you have any suggestions for the weekend or in general feel free to make them.

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truth be told I don't think I can make any of them. I will see. Since LCVG online play stopped happening back in November (?) I've been forced to find other players and new friends. So I may be online but I maybe busy playing with them....but we'll see.


:wtf Well thanks for sharing but a simple "I no longer want to play with LCVG Online" would have been enough..

Didn't need to hear you have new "friends".. everyone here has Non LCVG Online gaming buddies but try and make time to play.


See you around..Maybe Not!

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