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Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain


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OK, I can't believe no one has posted about this game yet. I finally picked it up last night at Toys R Us. However, it is still in the wrapping. Hopefully I can play it tonight.


Anyway, for those who have it (Romier, I know you do), what are your thoughts on it. Gamespot gave it a glowing review.


I'll post my thoughts after I play for a bit.



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OK, here are my thoughts on Here Comes the Pain after playing it a lot this past weekend.


Yukes has finally got the Smackdown engine where it needs to be. The grappling system is right up there with Aki's N64 grappling engines (also Def Jam Vendetta). It is different but very effective. The new body location damage is great. Submission holds are held on longer now, and I love the grabbing the rope animation when you get to them while in the submission hold. Speaking of animations, the animations in HCTP are Top Notch, this is probably the best looking WWE game to date (I like it better than Raw 2). Wrestlers are clean looking and the crowd looks fantastic.


The difficulty of the game is another huge improvement. No longer will you be winning every match like in previous Smackdown games. Guys like Goldberg, Angle, Lesnar, HHH are all very difficult to beat. Also, you won't see people like Rey Mysterio or the ladies picking up the likes of the Big Show or other Hosses. :)

For scenarios like that, you have to use that characters quickness to mount offense.


The season mode is very good. You earn cash and Exp. points with every match. If you win you get more, if you play at a higher difficulty, you get even more points and cash. Cash can be used to purchase movesets for the CAW feature, Old School wrestlers such as Superfly, the Million Dollar Man, and Old School Undertaker (who has the coolest animation, the sit-up :) ). Other things such as arenas, clothing, and other items can be purchased as well. Obviously Exp. points are used to level up your wrestler. It takes a lot of Exp. points to level up, so your wrestler will not be improving very fast.


The multiplayer is great. Up to 6 players can go at it in all kinds of matches. The big new additions are the 1st Blood Match (Yes, blood is finally back :rock ) and the Elimination Chamber. The later is very fun. 6 wreslters and the last one standing is the winner. Wreslters can be thrown through glass and there are a couple of tiers of cage to jump off of. :)


All in all, any wrestling fan should own this game. Fans of fighting games should own this game. Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain is slowly working its way to the top of the list in its genre. WWF: No Mercy is still tops to me, but I think HCTP is just as good, and with time, may be the best wrestling game to date.



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Dean, I agree with almost all of your statements. I've had the game since release and well I just love it. (which is saying a lot for me as you well know of me dislike for the Smackdown series in the past).


The new grapple system is one big step closer to creating the perfect simulation wrestling game and goes a long way toward removing the "arcadey" feel that I disliked so much in the past games. The area specific damage model is also a fantastic addition and adds to the strategy (not too mention the submission meter which really makes for some great trash talking competition). Also of note is the weight detection system which prevents someone like Rey Mysterio picking up the big show.(about time someone added this).


Oh and I can't forget. WELL IMPLEMENTED BLOOD! For once blood in a wrestling game does not look like ragu sauce. Hitting an opened up wrestler in the head with a chair really makes for a messy (and enjoyable) splat. Just everything about this game exudes quality and high production value. This is by far the absolute best wrestling game in this generation of consoles.


Next year my big wish list is an even deeper grapple system. As of now you can perform all grapples with the O button (after you do the initial grapple selection). If they added a second button to use for grapples post grapple selection, as well as a deeper back grapple system this game would be easily dethron No Mercy as the definitive wrestling game. I would also like to see blood leave stains on the mat etc...just because I love the visceral stuff. Also an expanded create-a-wrestler would be great (ie more options for entrance ala Raw 2 etc..)


One more year of tweaks and additions and I do believe WWE Smackdown will dethrone the N64 games as the leader of the pack and I'm really excited to see what is coming in the future for this series. For now I'm in wrestling bliss with the current game and ANY wrestling fan needs to own this game.

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One thing I want to mention is the reversal system. I've seen gripes about it at various sites and I would like to state that I actually like it. It's a lot better than last years grapple system where you had to guess what direction your opponent would/would have pushed on the D-pad. A simple push of L2 or R2 at the right moment will give you a nice reversal (this is similiar to the N64 reversal system). Also, you don't need a Smackdown! icon to reverse a finisher. Simply pressing L2+R2 at the very start of the finisher will reverse it. Yukes did a nice job with the finisher reversal animations.


Oh, one other thing I want to add about The Rock. Yukes incorporated all of his little Heel antics from his last run for Wrestlemania XIV. His little claps after moves, pointing to the head, all are there. I can't give Yukes and THQ enough praise for HCTP. Like Romier, I despised this series until last years Shut Your Mouth. Smackdown! has come a long way, and to see them constantly improving the engine is a breath of fresh air compared to some other yearly game series.



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After all this talk about Pain, I decided to break the seal and try it out last night. I spent about 30 minutes in some exhibition matches and then went to CAW. The gameplay is a HUGE step up from Just Bring It (which I bought for $9 at Blockbuster last year). I enjoyed the blood effects as well, and agree that the mat should show stains when someone is wearing the crimson mask.


I started out in CAW with no idea what I wanted my guy to look like. I decided to make one with my general frame, so right off the bat I knew he would be a Cruiserweight. What I ended up with was a whiteboy version of Rey Mysterio - black pants with an almost translucent purplish-blue flame on the right leg; thin black elbow pads and black gloves; and a full head black mask. He looks like he can kick ass. I set him up as balanced first, then luchador tendencies because he will never slug it out with the Big Show. Most of his talent points went to conditioning because I reasoned that he could outlast and outrun the big goofy guys who can't touch their palms together.


I may try to post a shot of him in action soon. I'd like to see Dean's and Romier's creations as well!

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Let me just say that I love HTCP!


I have fond memories of some of the N64 wrestling games. I haven't played any since a few years ago but HTCP is almost perfect, IMO.


The CAW mode has a tremendous amount of depth for those willing to spend the time with it. I created Freddy Krueger from a formula posted elsewhere and was amazed at how closely it resembles him! Burnt skin, the glove, the striped sweater, the hat...!


Of course, his finisher is the Mandible Claw! :D

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