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LCVG Shadowrun Night?!


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Hey guys.


Okay with LCVG online gaming coming back to life (finally! :)) I posted about Shadowrun night. Now it's not going to be possible with the regular nights taken right now...but maybe we can do a weekend thing or an after party during the week. Capt has said that gamefly had it going for $13 dollars. That's pretty good! Hell even Greenmonkey has it!! So it must be cheap enough at that price! :D (sorry monkey!! ;) )


So I just like to know who here has it and when you free to try it out!


I'm pretty good tongiht, tommorrow and all week except for Friday night...I might have to work. Anyways let's gitter done!! :)

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okay! I just have to inform Greenmonkey and we should be set for next weekend? Saturday or Sunday. (if things go as planned) should be good for me.


If Call of Duty 4 fails and the LCVGers jump on to Warhawk then stand by and we might go tommorrow night! cool with everybody?

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you know...maybe this was a bad idea. Cause I find myself sitting in private room and nobody is showing up. Oh well...I wait until 9:30 pm and then I just putter myself off to watch Pitch Black on HD DVD.


It was a good attempt though to try and get people to play this. I think you might have liked it!

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Schedule another one, we can try again! I played this with the unwashed the other night, still pretty fun.


Hey Monkey...sorry for leaving you in the middle of that arcade game but, I had an emergency and totally forgot about you!! sorry!! :o


As for scheduling another Shadowrun game. I let somebody else do that! My name doesn't have enough pull around here to bring people in to game! :D

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