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Logitech Harmony one


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Good to know it's size relative to a Dr. Pepper can. ?


Love the addition of the touchscreen. Replacing those function buttons near the screen on the 880 is a good start. I'm iffy about the volume and channel +/- button locations but they do look like they're in a better location than on the current model. The best update is the raised buttons. That means I can use it by feel which is really hit or miss with the 880.


Very nice update. I'll totally jump on it once Dell offers a good price.

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I'm guessing since this is the 880 replacement they didn't bring RF capabilities down to this remote?


I'm still looking for a good remote with RF that I like the buttons on. I'm still leaning towards the Osiris (I've seen these released under multiple names) products, but I like the software and product finish of the Logitechs more.

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I just bought an 880 and an 890 so I have no interest in clicking on that link. I am pissed that link exists at all. I hope the new remote sucks badly with lots of faults so that I can feel better about my purchases.


Bought an 880, an 890, new Home theater room etc. I've met you Keith and youre not very bright. Did you rob a bank? Are you a pimp?

Your wifes night job must be going well.;)

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Finally retired my MX-500 and picked up a harmony one for $150 shipped no tax. It should arrive soon.


How are you guys liking this remote so far?


All my components appear to be in their database:


See if Harmony supports your home-entertainment setup



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I picked up the One a couple of weeks ago. I like the remote so far but the only problem I have with it is the slow response to button presses. It seems to buffer the button presses so I usually press 8-5-2 in quick succession and then wait a second or 2 for the One to complete. I can live with it right now but it's definitely an annoyance. Big issue when changing volume on my receiver. The remote sends step by step signals to the receiver so the volume slowly changes by 0.5 increments. When I let go of the volume button it's a gamble as to when the volume will stop changing. Once this issue is fixed it will be the perfect remote.

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Mine should arrive today. :) I never really fully maximized the potential of the MX-500 to the point of one button setups and full control of my components. Looks like the Harmony One will finally make this a reality, more intuitively and with much less effort.


Are there any 3rd party solutions for making this work with bluetooth devices? Specifically the PS3.

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My 676 has succumbed to the children problem, finally. After being tossed down stairs and on the floor countless times by a toddler running away with it, it couldn't survive my second child.


I had trouble with the usb port on the top not working (from her chewing on it) but careful cleaning and I got it communicating again. Now though I think she urped on it somehow because some of the buttons were sticky. Now a handful of buttons register erratically - the soft buttons on top, the menu button, etc. :( Manageable but very annoying. I may try tearing it apart to fix it but I'd hate to break it when it sorta works now.


So I'm on the prowl to replace it this year. It has really become my only remote.



I find the only one I like the layout on better than the 676..the One. I love the layout on it.


But apparently there's no RF One? :( I hear complaints about the IR "cone" being narrower...a problem for me since my components are awkwardly placed (normally I'm bouncing the signal off of the projector screen). Is that true?


I'm not sure what to do. An 890 and the RF kit later would do the trick but I really don't like the layout. I think I'll wait for a good deal on the One ...maybe an RF one will show up in the mean time.

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I set my harmony up tonight. What a pleasure. Just a bit of renaming labels and tweaking and I'll be all set.


The only problem I'm having is being able to navigate the xbox GUI blades using the D-pad. You automatically get the X Y and B buttons but what are you guys doing for navigation via the D-pad?


Edit: nevermind, after selecting the xbox activity, the macro defaults to the XYBA button graphics on the remote display but does not give you hard button navigation control via the d-pad. I needed to manually select the device (xbox) and then I had full hard button control of the xbox blade GUI.


I'm guessing I could add that last manual select device step as part of the xbox startup activity to automate that manual step.

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