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LCVG Isn't Quite Dead!


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Yeah, thanks Kelley & Co.


All Kelley on this. Romier and I were just the cheering section.


I doubt this needs pointing out, but I'll do it anyhow. LCVG does not bring in any money for any of the 3 owners, but when you've got someone like Kelley that put his personal stuff on hold to get this move done in the amount of time he did is really incredible.


For those that didn't see the announcement before the board went down the reason for the move is that my old place of employment is moving data centers. Being the non-paying cheapskates we are we were informed of the move happening on January 10th on January 4th! We hope at some point to be let back into the new data center, but for the time being Kelley offered to host the site on his personal web space.


So, once again... Kelley, you da MAN! :booya

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Thanks for all the kind words guys.


It really was a lot more trouble then what I originally estimated. We went from from a 5 year old version of MySQL running on Windows to a new version running on Linux, from IIS 5 to Apache.


I'm happy to provide a resting ground for LCVG. I love the community and like many of you have said, its nice to have a place on the internet that doesn't suck.

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