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My Media Room / "Man Cave"


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Infocus SP5000 720p Projector (upgrading to 1080p Sanyo later this year)

Onkyo SR605S Receiver (HDMI/D-TruHD/DTSMA)

Toshiba A2 HD-DVD Player

Sony Playstation 3 Blu Ray Player

XBOX 360 Console

Sony full-size main speakers

Cheapie Kenwood Center/Surrounds


Front view






Rear View



Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Collection






Note: Sorry these pictures aren't of the highest quality both detail and colourwise.... only camera I had on me was my iPhone.


Look up "slick" in the dictionary.... and you do NOT see my home theater. ;)

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What are you using for the screen? Size? Looks like a cool enough Man Cave to me.

It's actually a piece of siding for a house that came highly recommended on AVS forum. Made out of a PVC-type material and handles contrast quite nicely.


Camera made some weird effects, but the screen is definitely watchable with lights in the room full-on. (and with my girlfriend being an active reader, this comes in handy)

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Well it seems the theater is getting an upgrade much sooner than I thought. I just purchased a Mitsubishi 4900U 1080p Projector.




Can't beat

$1879 base price (price match with ProjectorUSA.com)

-$100 coupon (PLAYOFF100)

-$500 mail in rebate (from Mitsubishi USA)

= $1279 SHIPPED from http://www.projectorpeople.com


By the way, if anyone is looking for a great 720p projector for ambient light situations, I've got my InFocus SP5000 on eBAY right now. The women LOVE it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320210535037

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