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Ape Quest!


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Sony sneaked this one out. PSP downloadable game, only available through the new store. There's a free starter pack, then three more available for $9.99 each or all three for $20. Apparently a Ape Escape themed RPG based around mini-games? Released in Japan as "Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen".


I'll be grabbing the freebie pack at least.



Impressions stolen from GAF:


Ape Quest Impressions!!!


Okay. So it's ~250MB for the demo. It runs at LEAST on 3.71 firmware, so you should be good.


It a simplified RPG using the Ape Escape humor. (The game starts out when your father, the king, makes you leave the castle and you eat a banana that seals in evil demons)


You traverse levels by choosing paths. Highlighting a path will show blue or red crystals. I think red causes more random encounters.


Random encounters can be traditional fights against enemies (Like skeletons with swords) OR a minigame like where you jump to avoid the boulder.


There's a LOT of normal RPG stuff here. It's NOT just minigames in place of random encounters. The 'starter pack' doesn't really END but you get to a point where you choose a chapter to load and I own neither.


The gameplay seems ok. I don't know how it'll be on later parts of the game, but coupled with the minigames and humor, it probably will be just fine for the price.


HP is replaced by a Guts meter, I think. (Shown by hearts AND a blue gauge) Below that there is a yellow bar that's seen during battles. It fills up as you take damage. You can spend that yellow stuff on techniques that do super damage.

Plenty of items and gear to equip and get.


Pros: Funny. Variety of Gameplay. Good price

Cons: The forced overworld movement can seem a little hand-holding. Loading times can be a few seconds. Kinda slow to start. (But you can change game and menu speeds)

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Played it last night. It's a weird lil game - think "Mario Party RPG" meets Ape Escape. It's a fixed layout of stops, tracks etc through the world, with different tracks being "low risk" or "high risk" of an encounter. An encounter can either be a minigame or a classic JRPG fight sequence. You level up your monkey, can meet other monkeys along the way & then call them up for special attacks (at a cost) in the fights, items/equipment to buy/find etc. It's an odd mix that I'm not completely sure works, but it's nice to see something different done with the Ape Escape setting.


The Starter Pack isn't very long at all. You get to the end of it & there's a teleport where you have the choice of going to the gold or blue pack to continue. Of course, you need to buy them to do that. It's $9.99 a pack, or all three for $20. You need to buy one of the gold or blue /and/ the red to finish the game, so if you're going to buy it, buy the special pack ;)

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