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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (X360)

Romier S

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So I received a gift certificate recently and am looking to pick something new up (Burnout Paradise and No More Heroes are already being purchased next week). Those games being what they are, I'm curious if anyone else is looking into picking up the new Kingdom Under Fire? I tried the demo on Live two weeks or so ago when it was released and really enjoyed it. Yeah, it's pure mindless hack and slash but it had a Diablo-ish quality about it with the loot drops and lush world and I couldn't help but get a bit addicted to what I had played.


Word of mouth on the game has been decent with comparisons to Phantasy Star Online. Especially when taken online with 4 players. That's really the crux of this thread though, is anyone likely to pick it up? I'd love to think this one could hold my attention through its single player campaign but considering the style of game I would MUCH prefer playing it online with 3 othe LCVG'ers. If that isn't a possibility I may just hold off and spend the money on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic next month along with my guarenteed purchase of Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3. Any thoughts?


For those not familiar with the game, download the demo on Live ASAP if you want to get a taste of what it's about. You can also take a look at a few trailers here:



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I picked it up though I have not had time to get very far in it. The game is pretty mindless, but sometimes that is the kind of game I am interested in. Multiplayer should be lots of fun; unfortuantely, my gaming time is so unpredicatable that I can't promise to get on with anyone. If you happen to see me though, try giving me a holler.

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