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Ghost Squad Wii - Best Lightgun game evar!


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Well, not really. But it is fun. It "feels" like a sequel to the relatively unknown Confidential Mission, but with a Ghost Recon sheen to the protagonists instead of the James Bond super agents in the DC game. It's thoroughly a by the book traditional arcade lightgun game, with three relatively short missions (40 minutes total from beginning to end at most), traditional controls, basic graphics, interface etc. Just like Confidential Mission, there's the occasional "special action" where you have to defuse ticking bombs, engage in hand-to-hand combat, disable mines etc.


To increase the length of the game, there's an experience system that unlocks new paths through the levels, a whole bunch of different weapons, costumes etc. As you play each mission, you "level up" the mission, opening up new branches, changes the time setting etc, increasing the difficulty, changing around the spawn points of enemies etc. According to IGN, there's 16 levels for each mission. Some of the weapons you unlock feel very different to the default gun - for example, widespread shotguns that make saving hostages very hard, but give you big bonuses for shooting multiple enemies at once.


So why bother with it? It really doesn't take itself too seriously. There's a "party mode" for upto 4 players using the missions, and there's a bunch of unlocks that tweak it up - think Hulk Hogan look-alikes dressed in bikinis, ninjas everywhere, soldiers riding swans instead of jetskis etc.


All in all, this feels like a classic Sega lightgun game, just like Jurassic Park, HoTD, Confidential Mission etc. It'd have been right at home on the Dreamcast in presentation & graphics, to be honest, but it's nice to see these games have a home. It's relatively cheap - $30 new - and I'm tempted to 'buy it now' from GameFly as I can see myself going back to it.





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How is the response with the Wiimote? I thought it was incredibly laggy in the Zelda crossbow training minigame thing. My aim would physically be in the right place but it took too long for the cursor to catch up. Even a fraction of a second was badly noticeable. It simply couldn't compare to a real light gun and I got frustrated really quick.


My fear was that was inherent to the design and would cause other Wii gun games to suffer. Is that not the case?

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I got it when I got the Zapper, and Crossbow Training hasn't even entered my Wii as a result. This game is way more addictive than it has any right to be.


Also, I haven't noticed any cursor lag issues. Harder for me to remember though since I've only played a few games in cursor-on mode. The calibration seems to work well enough if you stand centered.

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I can't comment on Ghost Squad nor the Crossbow training game since I have neither but I've experienced no cursor lag issues in Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. There are some accuracy issues thanks to the overall sensitivy of the Wiimote but generally the game plays extremely well. Umbrella Chronicles is another recommendable light gun style game on the Wii.

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Finally grabbed this the other day after picking up a quick game at a local arcade with the girlfriend (she looves this game), and the Wii version seems to be arcade perfect.


We really enjoyed it the first night, but the game went to an all new level today when I picked up a couple of Nyko Perfect Shots... Pure Light Gun goodness! Not perfect, but really damn good!




I think I'll be getting House of the Dead soon...

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