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LCVG Gaming Schedule 1/21-1/26


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LCVG Gaming Schedule 1/21-1/26



Monday -COD4 9 est.


Tuesday -Team Fortress 2 9 est.


Wednesday -Burnout Paradise 9 est.


Thursday - Halo 3 9 est.


Friday- Open (Let Me Know What You Guys want)


Monday-Tuesday I will Be Able to Host.. Thursday someone will have to host as I will Be Watching Rangers Retire #2 Brian Leetch.


Friday If you want to host a game Let me know as I will be gone for the Weekend until Monday Night.

** Gaming Schedule will Be Posted Sunday Night Next Week Don't Worry**


Next Gaming Schedule will have Some Quake 4.. and Also Some Unreal Tournament III ! If You dont Have them Pick it up!!

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Good games tonight, I've got no problem playing smaller LCVG private matches. I'll do the party stuff with the masses if that's what whoever's hosting wants but I prefer the other. Who were all those people that came in at the end? Friends of someone in the room? Just curious.

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I don't mind if they're a member of the forum or not, just curious to see if they were friends or if Phil screwed the pooch and left the game open :)


Better change that underground zone Greg, too easy to goad you into an ambush. Remember, it 'aint revenge if you wind up lying dead on the floor again :D

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