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Battlefield: Heroes - Free and ad supported

Romier S

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EA and Dice look to be going the Team Fortress route as far as visuals are concerned. The more interesting part of this particular story is that Heroes is that it will be completely free for download and will be ad supported along with plenty of DLC. You can read the article and take a look at a smal screenshot here:





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I just tried the beta, couldn't stand it for long. Terrible, useless game. It feels like whoever is making it doesn't have a clue what they're doing with the cartoon style. It's a brutally simplified BF game with a cartoon coat of paint and some completely typically, poorly-used cartoon sound effects here and there. Nothing feels like it fits to me.


If you're a Chrome user you have to set IE or Firefox as your default browser or you'll get nowhere. There are multiple logins and some annoying back and forth between the launcher plugin (IE or Firefox only) and the website at first.

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