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My Home Theatre....


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Stage one:


Take a great show like Doctor Who, add a dash of a screwball fan like me and the need for an entertainment center to hold my Panasonic 42" Plasma HD tv with a kick ass home theater step ordered today. What do you get? Well you get this.... I know...I'm a geek what can i say!












These were taken by my cellphone's camera...as soon as I get my hands on a good Digital Camera, I post some more pics. Waiting for my other equipment to arrive to give the full effect! :D

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Hey Lutter!


I didn't build it. It was done by a local woodworking guy and his wife. Their motto is "if you can dream it. We can build it!" I took the standard Tardis and dreamed up the entertainment center part. I was going to ask for the basic Tardis, right, but what the hell would i do with a big blue box!? :)


With this though, I can now start on upgrading and rebuilding my home theater environment based on the Toshiba A2 and a future playstation 3 for blu-ray movies.


If anybody is interested I can give you there contact numbers but I don't know if they do international stuff. I'll post more when it gets set up tommorrow night via my phone.

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Okay the time is 4:15pm. I just got down with the UPS guy. My home theater equipment has arrived! :D


Oh god....seven big boxes. I'm going to be at this all night!


Anyways here's what I got...the system is perfect for what I need.


VSX-9120TXH-K 7.1 channel Pioneer Receiver with HDMI 1.3, Dolby True HD, DTS HD, and Phase Control Technology, XM and Sirius ready.


POLK RTIA5 Tower Speaker x2

POLK RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers

POLK AUDIO CSIA4 Center speaker

POLK PSW 10" Powered Subwoofer

Monster Standard THX grade Speaker Cable 50'

Monster HDMI 6' cable

POLK = Polk audio


I'll post some pictures of the finished setup in a few days (cause that's how long it's going to take me to figure out how to do this again! LOL....all clean up all the mess)

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Good hardware.


You wasted money on the Monster cable stuff though :(. Cables is cables.



not a dime was spent on the cable wire monk! They through it in for free! :D



Weremicheal. I got done with the ups guy....er...finished....er he left... OH F*CK it! You know what I mean! :P

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I'm jealous too because my contractor is such an incompetent, that I have my awesome projector and receiver and speakers sitting in my basement waiting to be used.


Oh, that would drive me up the wall!!! :bh

But better than my contractor story...the guy we were supposed to get a excellent deal from a few years back suddenly got work out of state and my-then HT was shitcanned. UGH!

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