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LCVG Gaming Schedule 1/28-2/2


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Just curious, who still has Resistance? Dean is getting it back from Gamefly and Bruce still has his copy. The third party vendor from amazon is late (and has not replied to my email inquiries) so if the game has been sent I'm sending it right back. I am going to order a copy from amazon themselves this evening.

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Joey and Phil were down at my place most of the weekend and just left today so there's a reason three of us weren't online this evening (if they were, then forgive me). I needed a break is the short and skinny. I will be online for Call of Duty 4 tommorrow and I'll be bringing some friends from work with me.


I'll be there for Quake 4, Unreal III, Gears and probably Burnout Paradise this week as well. Quite looking forward to Gears and Quake 4. It's been a LONG time since I've played either.

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