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Experience 112 - AKA The Experiment

Mark E

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Experience 112 is a new game coming from Lexis Numerique that I've been following for a while. It just got picked up for N. American distribution by The Adventure Company and will be hitting shelves next week under the new title The Experiment.


It's an adventure game with a twist - you are not the main character. The main character wakes up in a dank room on an apparently abandoned research vessel with an IV sticking out of her arm. How do YOU know this? Because whoever you are, you're working the computer systems of the boat and have full control over myriad security cameras and other mechanisms such as lights and door locks.


The lead pleads for your help and the two of you set off to try and solve the mysteries of the vessel whilst at various times you become privy to camera upgrades such as thermals and night vision and gain access to different doodads and powers, for lack of a better term.


It looks interesting as hell - Lexis Numerique is one of the best try-something-new developers out there right now. They also made the hellaciously entertaining Missing: Since January, the adventure game that sent you all over the internet looking for clues and had you receiving e-mails from a slew of fictional characters. Experience 112 has been very well received in Europe, so I'm very hopeful for the finished product.


The game's original website is at:



There is a demo there which I urge you to try if you think that any of the above sounds interesting. It's quite good, although apparently the demo is not optimized in the slightest. Both Ron and I played it and had some issues with the speed of the graphics. Keeping in mind that my graphics card at the moment is utter shyte too, although I am going to admit that I've gone and upgraded it largely because I want to play this.


Remember, adventure games aren't dead, you just gotta dig deeper to find the good ones ;).

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It's quite good, although apparently the demo is not optimized in the slightest. Both Ron and I played it and had some issues with the speed of the graphics.


I hope they release an optimized demo or something... because I can't really enjoy playing the game on my machine the way it works now. From what I played of the demo, it seems like it would be very interesting... but the mouse tracking was just too frustrating.


It kind of makes me sad, because I just bought my computer 2 months ago... (granted it's a gaming laptop, so those of you with up-to-date desktops may have better luck...)

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After being distracted by Apollo Justice I finally dug into this full throttle today.


This game is a lot of fun. A lot of situations that would normally be very mundane such as turning on the lights take on a whole new level of challenge when you have to interact with your environment through video cameras and close-circuit robots.


One great situation has you piloting a believably unwieldy laboratory robot into a room of poisonous gas to obtain an item so your friend can move into another section of the vessel. The connection between you and said friend is thus far been well developed. Yes, some of her exposition is heavy handed as all hell, but for the most part that's a necessary evil. One part had me using the lights in one part of a lab in conjunction with the night vision option on the cameras to help her through an area that had holes eaten in the floor.


I don't necessarily think she was in any real danger, but watching her stumble through the dark with her hands out relying entirely on you for guidance was kind of moving, more so than most games are able to manage. I'm looking forward to doing more here and learning more. There's probably a plot twist coming that I'm pretty sure I can see from the first couple hours, but the story has still been well told too. There are some CREEPY mofo's that used to be on that research ship. Brr.

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