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Screen protector recommendations?


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Hey folks


I ordered a Nokia n800 internet tablet ($217 after coupon) for some basic PDA functionality, internet surfing, etc. Trying to keep better track of school/work/etc.


I'm looking for screen protector recommendations. I've got the n800 (arrives today), the PSP, original non-lite DS, a Creative Zen Xtra, etc and none of them with screen protectors.


I figured it's about time I invested. For the n800 and the DS I need a screen protector that works well/doesn't interfere with touch-screen functionality.


Maybe some screen protectors that are easy to cut down to size for use on different devices? I heard good things about boxwave.com's screen protectors but they're $12 a pop and I'm a cheapskate.

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I picked up an invisible shield for my Helio Ocean, love it so far. Supposedly the material was first designed by the military to protect helicopter rotor blades, it's guaranteed for life, anything ever scratches it or rips it you call em and they send a new one out (you pay $3 for shipping), once you send the old one back in they continue the warranty, same deal if you ever have to take it off to send your device in for repair and are worried about getting a different unit or re-furb back. Installation was a little different as well, you spray your fingers and both sides of the shield with this spray they give you, position it in place, and use an included squeegee to smooth it all down and get the bubbles out, they want you to keep the device off for 24 hours afterwards though for everything to set up.


Here's the site page for your Nokia:



They've got em for your PSP (slim or regular) and the DS (lite and phat), but no Zen Xtra that I saw. If you do decide to pick one or more up, pay extra for quicker shipping, I took the free shipping and while it said it would take 2 weeks I didn't believe it, but damned if it did take all of 2 weeks to get here.

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Both - I have had one and have seen one in action, although I suppose those two are redundant. :)


It's definitely cool. Just... too slow for my tastes. There's some really interesting software you can find online for it, though, if you're into projects and pseudo-tweaking/hacking.

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