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Website loading issues?


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I've been having this problem lately but haven't bothered to complain about it yet.


I usually click new posts and get the listing of posts. I read a post, hit back to return to the listing, and then repeat.


Lately, however, I get a bunch of warnings that is is going to a connection that is not secure. I'm pretty sure that this is due to the calls out to xbox.com for the gamertag information.


When I hit back to go back to the search results, it just sits there because "back" is going to the "continue" option for the unsecure connection.

My list of "pages" I see when clicking the down-arrow under BACK on IE shows a lot of "continues", and some gamertag pages(!) from xbox.com. This doesn't happen every time. It's very sporadic.


I'm probably the only one getting this since no one else is complaining. Any advice to fix it, other than the obligatory "use firefox" comments. BigOil frown on using any other browsers.




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Give me a break. I'm old enought to remember when the internet was in black&white and pr0n was just pictures.


I'll try your newfangled technique.


Tabbed browsing might solve my "back" issues, but won't fix the warnings about unsecure connection going to xbox.com.




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