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5 greatest game temper tantrums

Jeff W

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Ahh, you gotta love Croyt. Never has one kid been so miserable trying to have fun.


Has it ever been confirmed that Croyt didn't know he was being taped? I'd like to believe he was just hamming it up for the camera. To find out he had no idea he was being filmed would make it even more shocking.




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(Shameless plug alert, but it's true):


Feh. We did that months ago, and did it better.


Wow... they kinda completely stole it.




I think your 5 was better, but that first one, I almost want to believe it's fake, I can't (don't want to) believe that was real. I'm seriously worried that was real and this kid has a body farm out back somewhere.

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1) I agree with Cyberwoo, asshats...especially with Gears.

2) COD2 on veteran with that frigging house with the unlimited re spans.

3) Dead Rising with the damn text so small I could barely read it.

4) Madden 08 when it was first released (fumble mania). Came close to smashing it.


I'll think of 1 more tomorrow.

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