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Pop goes the HDTV


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Hey, all. Bit of a longshot here but I know we have some HDTV gurus. I have a Pioneer Elite Pro-610HD RPTV, and I'm afraid she's dying. Periodically my screen will get progressive brighter and brighter over the course of several minutes, and then give a sharp blue flicker (sometimes accompanied by an audible "POP") and return to its normal state. This happens on both inputs, and regardless of source (Xbox, cable box, DVD player). Sometimes it doesn't happen for several hours, while other times it happens several times an hour. It's been going on for a few months now, with no increase or decrease in frequency.


Any ideas on where I can start looking to troubleshoot? I would love for it to be just a dying lamp or something because that's easily replaced, but it doesn't sound like it. Anyone else experience something similar?

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Now that you mention the power supply, I recall that the first time I noticed this happening was right after a power "dip" over the summer, where the A/C kicked in and the whole room (including the TV) dimmed for a second. It was right after that that the TV brightened to the point where I was thinking WTF?, and then flickered and went back to normal.


It sounds like that power dip did something to a board somewhere. I'll have to find a reputable repair shop around here to come take a look. Thanks all!

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